We are The ACL Athlete

Our mission is to redefine what ACL rehab looks like. To elevate the standard of care. To empower and guide athletes after ACL injury so they can feel confident in their knee, sport, and life.
Our vision is to be the company that revolutionizes ACL rehab, performance and education.

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Our 3E Philosophy


With so much information at our fingertips, it can be difficult to know what’s right from wrong. Education sets the foundation for our athlete-centered care. Our goal is to make sure you can make informed and empowered decisions. Not feeling lost or being led blindly. Education puts you in control of your own journey. Knowledge is power.


Whether it’s day 1 after your ACL injury or the day you step on the field, we are going to make sure you are prepared for the demands ahead of you. This means physically, mentally, and situationally. Progressively exposing you to a variety of stressors to make sure you are 100% ready to perform.


Whether you’re the recreational soccer player, active mom, weekend skier, or competitive athlete, we take your goals seriously. We want our athletes to feel in control and empowered in their process. We are your support team to get you to your end goal. Our goal is to make sure you come back better, faster, and stronger – more resilient – than you were before. Empowering you as an athlete. Empowering you as a human.

Our Story

I remember the first time I heard that noise. 

It was like nothing I’d ever experienced in my life before.

It was the first play of our high school spring football game.

I fell to the ground. Confused. “What just happened?” Tried to walk and had suddenly forgotten how to. Eventually, I hobbled off the field. I don’t even remember the pain. I just remember a shift in my knee. Shock was probably the best way to describe it all. The athletic trainer checked my knee, and said, “I think it’s your ACL”.

Hi, I’m Ravi – Founder of The ACL Athlete.

Let’s go on a journey of how this all started.

I was born and raised in a small town in southeast Georgia – Folkston. Most know it as the Okefenokee Swamp. My dad somehow found this place to start a motel business. This is after moving across the world from India and being fired from multiple jobs since he couldn’t speak English. He’s the hardest worker I’ve ever met. My mom is our anchor. She’s the toughest and smartest person I know. There’s nothing that means more to her than family.

I am married to my best friend, Abs. She’s my favorite human on this planet. I have one older brother, Rishi. He’s been through it all with me. I have incredible support system of friends and family that I wouldn’t be here today without.

"I stopped feeling sorry for myself."

I grew up in a motel that my parents owned and operated (still do to this day 30+ years later). No, literally. Our home was attached to the front office. My brother and I would answer phones, clean rooms, sell motel rooms, you name it. That’s why entrepreneurship and customer service is essentially in my DNA since birth.

I’ve always been a fat kid at heart. That showed its true colors when I was in middle school and gained a significant amount of weight. My nickname was “Twinkie”. I was pretty much sponsored by Dairy Queen (50% off after school specials).

I have always loved watching and playing sports. I started playing organized/rec sports in 6th grade. Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball. I sucked at all of them.

Yep, that’s me in the bottom right. I would hide during Oklahoma drills. I was bullied. I wanted to quit. All the time. I couldn’t. My parents raised me better than that.

I stopped feeling sorry for myself and turned a corner in 7th grade after legit crying during a drill. I was never the biggest or the strongest or the fastest in sports. I used my brain. I was strategic. And I worked really damn hard to be athletic.

I went to a high school where I was the only Indian kid. I played football, wrestling, and baseball. Our high school football team only lost 3 times in four years. I was 1st team all region + team captain. I was a state wrestler. I’m very proud of that.

I’ve had my fair share of injuries:
  • Broken ankle 2x
  • Broken finger
  • Concussion
  • Hyperextended elbow
  • AC sprain
  • Dislocated shoulder 3x
  • Labral tear in shoulder
  • Labral tears in both hips
  • FAI/bony formation in my hips
  • Torn ACL, MCL, meniscus 2x

I’ve torn my ACL twice.

High school (2008) and college (2017). I was delayed for my first ACL surgery by 3 months because of insurance. I paid $10k+ for my second ACL surgery because of insurance (check the pic for the bill). Going through it twice didn’t make the second time easier. If anything, it made it harder. I’m 100% confident in my knees after 2 ACL tears and reconstructions, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel things or assess risk/reward of an activity. Any ACLer does – if you are one, you know what I’m talking about.

My ACL injuries are the reason I pursued this career path. My physical therapists were the ones who got me back to being me. They were in the trenches with me over those weeks and months through the ups and downs of rehab. I wanted that. So I got my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Right before that, I took brief detour with the University of Georgia as a Strength and Conditioning Coach.

I consider myself a physical therapist by training, but a coach at heart.

I’ve worked with the high school ACL athlete I had to tell he couldn’t play his senior year of basketball. We got him back better, faster, and stronger than before – and he earned a full ride to college to live out his dream. That’s when I knew I wanted to go all in on ACLs.

I left my “dream job” right before a global pandemic to start The ACL Athlete.

I noticed a massive gap in ACL rehab. Re-injury rates that continue to climb year after year. Athletes being cleared after 3 or 6 months because of time without being tested or insurance visits run out. Never getting back to running, cutting, jumping or even a normal functioning knee. Never getting back to what they love doing.

Healthcare and insurance is not built to serve ACLers. It’s a business that is volume driven and often forgets about the human being. Let’s be honest – the ACL “standard” it’s created sucks.

I’ve been through it all. So much to decide so quickly. Surgery or no surgery. Which surgeon, PT, coaches. Which graft type. What’s surgery like. The days and months in rehab. The internal battle that is constantly going on. Feeling lost, depressed, lack of confidence, scared of re-injury. Questioning your identity. It sucks walking around on egg shells all the time or trying to get to your end destination but having no GPS or map to get you there. All you want is to get back to the things you love.

So no ACLer continues to get funneled through the system or feel iike they’re on a conveyor belt.

I wanted to redefine what true ACL rehab and performance looks like – care that ACLers deserve. Where insurance has no say on how we should work with you or how many visits you get. To create an athlete-centered approach.

For athletes to be heard and confident.
For athletes to have a specific roadmap.
For athletes to have guidance from start to finish.
For athletes to feel like themselves again.
For athletes to feel like an athlete again.

We’ve helped hundreds of ACL athletes get back to soccer, skiing, soccer, playing with their kids, pro football, running, frisbee, dancing, MMA, hiking, crossfit, weightlifting, lacrosse, surfing, you name it – all around the world.

This is The ACL Athlete. We are here to serve you.

Meet The Team

Ravi Patel
Founder + Physical Therapist + PERFORMANCE Coach

University of Georgia – Exercise and Sport Science

Georgia State University – Doctor of Physical Therapy


Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

USA Weightlifting Coach

Jeremy Kirschner
Physical Therapist + PERFORMANCE Coach

University of Georgia – Athletic Training + Exercise and Sport Science

Medical University of South Carolina – Doctor of Physical Therapy


Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

USA Weightlifting Coach

Dr. Jeremy Kirschner is physical therapist, athletic trainer, coach, and life-long athlete. He received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Medical University of South Carolina in 2015. Jeremy is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Level 1 USA Weightlifting Coach, and has years of experience in sports rehab. Jeremy has guided many athletes back to activity, ranging in age and ability level from pediatric to professional, and everyone in between.

Prior to physical therapy school, Jeremy completed his undergraduate studies in athletic training and exercise & sport science at the University of Georgia. While at UGA, he worked with football, track & field, cheerleading, and swimming & diving as a student within the sports medicine department. He also spent the 2011 training camp with the Indianapolis Colts as an athletic training intern.

Outside of providing guidance to athletes, you can find Jeremy spending time with his wife Jenelle and rescued greyhound Freddie, training to qualify for the American Open in weightlifting, fly fishing, kayaking, hiking, playing bass, and cooking.

Robb Lamb
Athletic Trainer + Performance Coach

University of Kansas – Athletic Training + Exercise Science

Canisius College – Masters in Sport Administration


Certified Athletic Trainer

Certified Performance and Sport Scientist

Robb grew up in Republic, Missouri. He attended the University of Kansas where he graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Science and Athletic Training in 2009. Robb worked toward his Master’s Degree while working as a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer for the University of New Mexico Men’s Soccer team for 2 years. After graduating in 2011, he worked for the University of Texas at San Antonio for 3 years as an Athletic Trainer, primarily with Track and Field and Women’s Soccer. 

Robb moved to Seattle in 2014 where he began work as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Athletic Trainer, honing in on working with adolescent to collegiate athletes and starting an ACL Bridge program to help guide athletes and active individuals toward meeting the demands of their goals. 

In his spare time, Robb enjoys hanging out with his wife, Heather, being a below average snowboarder/average pickup basketball player, staying on the hunt for good BBQ, being an avid hip hop fan, and lifting heavy things.

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Remote ACL Rehab + Coaching

No more feeling lost. No more settling for what’s down the road. No more letting your insurance be in control.

You deserve the best care.
That’s why we created this.
Just for you.

Our ACL coaching has been tried and tested by hundreds of ACLers. Rehab and train with us from anywhere in the world. No matter where you are in the process.

In-Person ACL Rehab + Coaching

Live near Atlanta? Wanting to take your ACL rehab to the next level with in-person visits? Wanting to work with someone who’s gone through this process twice themselves?

Say less.

This is a ACL rehab and coaching experience like you’ve never experienced before.

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